Chris Amoratis Resigning as PSU Director of Rugby


Dear Parents, Family, Friends, and Alumni:

It is with a mixture of excitement and sadness that I write to tell you that, effective November 13, 2015, I will be stepping down as the Director of Rugby, here at Penn State. 

My wife and I have been blessed with the soon arrival of our 3rd child and it is time for me to step away to focus on the needs of my family. 

The last 5 years have been a time of immense change within the Penn State Rugby Program, but with the hiring of full-time head coaches and retention of Team Sport status within Athletics, I think that the future for the program is bright. 

I have done everything in my power to restructure the program as to allow for future success.  I would encourage each of you to stay apart of this wonderful program.  As parents, please continue to show up on Saturday and support your kids.  As Alumni, find a way to give back to the program that helped make you who you are.

Kate and Blake will continue to need your support through this next transition.  They, the Alumni Board and the Athletics Administration need to hear your voice to know you care and are committed to the future of this program.

It has been a joy to work with so many wonderful student-athletes and so many great people.  I cannot begin to thank you all. 

I will still be around, in some capacity, as there is no way I could ever leave this incredible family.  My best to you all.

Go State,

Chris Amoratis


Note from the Alumni Board -

We would like to thank Chris for everything he has done for the organization during one of our most challenging periods. We wish him and Kara luck and look forward to adding Amoratis Baby #3 to the PSU Rugby Family. The Alumni Board will be working with the University regarding the Director of Rugby position and we will keep the Alumni posted with updates as we receive them. 

Penn State Men Beat Kutztown

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