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Recent Updates to Kabala Hall

Kabala Hall update

This August, we will make some significant changes to the Kabala Family Rugby Hall. Due to the incredible success of the program, the seven year-old Hall has outgrown its home. We currently need more space to celebrate all of the additional Internationals, All Americans, and Lifetime Members who have achieved such honors since the Hall's unveiling. However, Penn State Athletics is in the process of preparing a long-term master facilities plan and we do not yet know what the future holds for the Hall's home, the East Area Locker Room. Until Athletics reveals its plan, we will be unable to plan and complete the needed expansion.

So in order to fit everything into the current space, we will make the following modifications to the display just in time for the annual reunion:

• The trophy display cases will be consolidated into one area, which will include a new case to display recent trophies and those that have been in storage.
• To make room for the trophy displays, the three "Milestones" panels will be consolidated into one and re-located toward the center of the Hall.
• The space created by consolidating the trophy cases will be used to expand the Internationals display, which is just enough to honor the five newly capped Eagles of 2015/2016.
• The Coaches panel and Lifetime Achievement plaque will be moved to the "Legacy" wall.
• The Legacy wall will feature the new name, "The A. Fraser Grigor Distinguished Service Award," which will include the founders and the five individuals honored with Lion Rampant, the Club's highest award, including this year's recipient.

These changes accommodate the honorees and trophies we have but do not provide any room for future achievements. We have also made the tough decision to "retire" some plaques on our Legacy Wall to meet the new display criteria. We hope that as new space is provided we can re-incorporate these plaques, re-install the video component, add new Sevens and Olympic displays, and expand and update every category.

In addition to the incredible generosity of the Kabala family in constructing the Hall of Fame in 2009, we also want to thank those who have supported the PSU Rugby Alumni Club by providing the capital to make more than $25,000-worth of updates over the years.

We will keep everyone informed as we learn the future of Kabala Hall. And the next time you are in Happy Valley, please make sure to visit this one-of-a-kind and very special space at Penn State. For those of you who will be in town for Reunion Weekend on August 19-21, East Area Locker Room will be open for visiting the Kabala Family Hall from on Sunday August 21st from 10 AM to 12 PM.


Women win 5th Consecutive National Championship

Photo credit: Karen Drinkwater/USA Rugby

Congratulations to the Women's Team for winning their 5th consecutive and 11th overall National Championship in at St. Mary's on Saturday. This is also the first ever USA Rugby Women's D1 Elite National Championship. Here are a few of the articles circulating about the legacy of the Women's Rugby Team at Penn State.

Don't forget to purchase your tickets to see both the Men's and Women's Teams compete in the Collegiate Rugby 7s Championship in Philadelphia in just a few weeks! 

USA Rugby

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