Spread the Word About the Penn State High School Clinics!

The Penn State Boys and Girls Rugby Winter Clinics take place Feb. 17-18, and are the perfect way for a player or team to start a new season.

Open to players in grades 8-12, emphasis is placed on individual and positional skills, as well as team skills and concepts for both new and experienced high school players.

Please help us spread the word by sending the camp information to any players, teams, or coaches whom you think might be interested. There are discounts available for early registrants and groups!

For more information or to register, contact Penn State Sport Camps, at 814 865 0561, or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Women's Rugby at the White House

The Penn State Women's Rugby Team paid a visit to the White House recently, to be honored as the 2017 National Champions. In attendance was the majority of last year's team, including fifth-year player Fran Schaeffer.

"The experience was very special," Schaeffer says. "It means a lot to represent Penn State Women's Rugby. The sport of rugby and specifically the Penn State program have strongly influenced me, and it meant a lot to be the team that could represent our program at the White House. In addition to last year's national championship, our program has won 11 other national titles. For us, going to the White House also meant representing those other national championship teams and all the women who came through the program before us and worked hard to pave the way for our success."

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Meet Women's Forward Kristina Perry

Kristina Perry began playing rugby out of pure spontaneity during her junior year of high school.


"I needed to become more involved in extracurriculars before applying to college, so my best friend and I decided to join rugby," she says. "I attended my first practice not having a clue about what rugby was, but within a few months, I realized it was something I truly loved."

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