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Favorite Memories from PSU Rugby

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For many of us, PSU Rugby is the source of most of our great Penn State memories. For this reason, we want to hear from YOU! Keep the conversation going and tell us your favorite memories from PSU Rugby. See below what some of your fellow alumni members had to say in response to a recent survey about their favorite memories.

"The 1995 Final Four Game against West Point where we won in Overtime. In 1996 we beat Stanford too to reach the finals. I still remember Kurt Shuman’s amazing try to help us beat Stanford." - Todd Buelo '96

"Great memories from spring break trips- too many to count! War of the roses, touring the cities, even just having our practices in a foreign country was such a wonderful experience. Playoff games were always amazing because that's when we really got to see our team's mojo come together. I have special memories of push-over tries with the pack and after a big, hard-fought team wins. On the social side, some of my favorites would be summer 7s and dark horse wings, and spoons on the porch." - Annie Zeigler '10

"Winning the first-ever PSU National Championship is for sure at the top of the list. Nacho nights after practice on Wednesdays. Spring break tour." - Angie Youngbauer '97

"There are 2 that stick out to me. First, the day I first wore the PSU jersey against Bucknell University. I had reached a long set of fitness goals just to make the B side. I felt I could do anything. When I came off the pitch from my first game that day, a teammate from Altoona RFC who also made the transition to Penn State with me met me at the sideline. We shared a beverage and toasted goals accomplished for both of us. Second, my dad came with me to a game. We watched the A side play and I walked my dad through the basic rules of the game while we waited for my time to play. He considers that campus visit to be one of our best moments together. We just shared a great day watching and learning together." - Martin Gephart '91

"Every game that I got to play was a special moment. A chance to put on the Penn State jersey was a privilege that I will never forget." - Justin Hundley '07

What is one of your favorite memories from PSU Rugby? CLICK HERE to fill out the survey and let us know!

Here is a picture after our 3rd place Final Four Win over West Point.


Todd Buelow, Alec Acosta, Brian Anson, and Troy Bartley.

Todd Buelow and Brian Anson at a KISS Concert.