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Why PSU Rugby goes Beyond Graduation

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PSU Rugby has impacted our lives, for many of us, in more than one way. We are a group of people connected in one special way, the experiences we have felt through PSU Rugby, and the value it has added to our lives. See what some of our alumni members had to say about the value of PSU Rugby and how that has translated over into post-grad life below.

"The most valuable part of my PSU rugby experience probably is between meeting so many awesome teammates/friends and learning how to communicate with people. Between engaging with teammates on and off the field, to listening to coaches and playing against other teams, I feel like you just have more knowledge on how to talk to and understand people better." - Courtney Williams '16

"The lifelong friendships!! Also, Rugby taught me that I am tougher than I know. When I have difficulties now, I only need to remind myself that I am a rugby player, a giant slayer!!" - Kelly Reilly '00

"Two parts here. The first would be the friendships made with my teammates. Have kept close touch with some and reconnected with others over the years. The second would be the exposure to the culture of rugby. After leaving PSU I have had the opportunity to live in and travel to many different places. Each place I went, I connected with a rugby club and was immediately welcomed." - Robert Delucca

"All of the relationships I made with current, past, and present/future players" - Tim Antoian '08

"Playing rugby taught me the value of maintaining an attitude of being fiercely competitive and how it carries over to other aspects of your life." - Chuck Caruso '95

"The friendships I made are for sure the greatest thing. I am extremely thankful for the girls accepting me and treating me as a friend right after joining." - Amanda Berta '17

"The most valuable part of my experience as part of the PSU rugby was learning that each and every person on your team has a different skill set to contribute. On the rugby pitch and in life, we come across all types of people varying in shapes, sizes, races, religions, ethnicity, level of education, interests, etc. and each of us has the opportunity to learn from one another. This outlook has allowed me to learn from every person I encounter no matter how different they are from me." - Deven O'Crump '12

What has PSU Rugby meant to you and how has your experience with it gone into life after graduating? CLICK HERE and tell us your story!