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Return to Play Status

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What IS going on with returning to play?!

Penn State Rugby is nothing if not flexible. Lockdowns, virtual school, social distancing, and overall safety turned the scope of the season on its head last year. So what is happening now?!

Are They Practicing?

Yes! They are currently able to participate in strength training independently or at Victory Sports in small groups. There are some indoor practice spaces available, but they all are hoping to get outside as early as the beginning of March! Ideally they would play at West Fields (if the snow ever melts) or Holuba Hall.

How Do They Practice And Maintain Safety?

Current Women’s Captain Ellie Fromstein said they are getting tested 3 times a week in hopes to get back to contact practices. As of now, they have indoor practice 3 days a week that consists of gameplay, passing, skills, unit work, and conditioning. Masks are 100% mandatory and if they take down their mask they have to do burpees. 

Current Men’s Captain Xavier Fangmeyer mentioned they clean the equipment between each group. They will practice in groups no larger than 10 to assist with social distancing. They are also doing mandatory testing and daily mandatory wellness checkins. 

Is There A Spring Season?

As of now - we still do not know. If we are able to keep cases down and other teams can do the same then in theory there could be some matches! Keeping cases down is, and will always be, the priority. Hopefully there will be a time where they can do full intrasquad scrimmages…or more! 

How’s Moral?

With all of the rules and restrictions and distance, it would be understandable if the attitudes felt flat. But the feeling of “normalcy” with getting back to lifting and practicing is quite uplifting. Both captains are hopeful for a healthy and successful spring season!