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Level the Playing Field

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The Teams Need Your Help to Level the Playing Field

In the last 5 years, many collegiate rugby programs have been elevated to varsity status accessing the support and resources associated with this designation. While Penn State provides a lot of support to rugby, the men and women’s teams no longer compete on a level playing field. In the fall, the Booster Club launched a new fundraising campaign to try to address some of the challenges that face the program.  

Level the Playing Field support will go towards:


Penn State offers student athletes the best combination of academics and high-level rugby. However, many of their competitors utilize formal recruiting and now offer scholarships to build relationships and attract top level student athletes.  Funding recruiting efforts will help coaches meet top players face-to-face, build relationships with high school coaches, and expand our coaching network globally. 

Academic Development

The support of a player’s development is not just on the field and balancing being a student and an athlete can be difficult. Funding academic development facilitates a commitment to student athlete academic success by providing resources like professional academic mentors.

Skill Development

To compete with the top teams, the Men and Women need to consistently develop skills that close the gap on-field.  For example, last year, the men won 79% of their scrums and lineouts; the National Champion team won 90%. Skill development will fund additional coaches to provide the support and expertise and provide equipment needed to develop player rugby skills to close the gap.

We have had a great response from parents who have helped fund extra coaching assistance for the spring season as well as purchase new equipment.  However, our Alumni donations have not met other years. If you have donated in the past, please consider making a donation again. If you have not made a donation in the past, this is a great chance to start! Together we can help level the playing field for the deserving young men and women who represent the Penn State rugby program on, and off, the field.