Level the Playing Field Campaign

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Penn State Rugby Booster Club launched the Level the Playing Field campaign in 2019. The goal of this campaign is to raise funds so the men and women can compete more effectively against well-funded programs.

Every year the Booster Club has a financial commitment of providing $58,000 to the University to help cover costs of the Program. Year after year our fundraising for that number alone falls short. Poor fundraising requires us to utilize funds from savings and limits our ability to provide for the coaches’ requests such as equipment, specialty coaches, travel costs, and other needs of the teams.

The coaches have identified the needs for this year (see below) and it will require us to raise $245,000 to cover all of our expenses. We have received tremendous support from our Parents and Alumni in the past but right now we need more support to achieve this year’s goal. Please click here to donate, and thank you for your continued support!

Program Operations

The Booster Club currently funds the majority of the Director of Operations position. The Booster Club will cover costs for uniforms, medical support, and equipment that will enhance the player's experience and their performance while eliminating the pay-to-play model.


Penn State offers the best combination of academics and high-level rugby. However, many of their competitors now offer scholarships. Funding recruiting efforts will help coaches meet top players face-to-face, build relationships with high school coaches, and expand our coaching network globally.

Player Development

Each competitive team has a full-time coaching staff that allows their players to get more intensive individual feedback. We need more coaches with additional tools to enhance development and recovery. The support of a player's development is not just on the field. Balancing being a student and an athlete can be difficult. The Booster Club can facilitate academic success by providing professional academic mentors.

Team Development

To compete with the top teams, the men and women need to close the gap on-field. For example, in 2018-19, the men won 79% of their scrums and lineouts; the National Champion team won 90%. The Booster Club needs to fund additional coaches to provide the support and expertise needed to close the gap.


Item Amount
Recruiting $30,000
Coaching Support $80,000
Academic Support $25,000
Nutrition $15,000
Operations Manager $55,000
Equipment $2,000
Uniforms $10,000
Medical Support $8,000
Dues Reduction $20,000


2020-21 Fundraising Goal: $245,000