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Introduction to Matt Trouville, Men Rugby’s Assistant Coach

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Matt Trouville entered the summer season, playing for the Houston SaberCats in the new Major League Rugby competition, but left with a new opportunity strapped to his belt. As fall would be Trouville’s offseason, he was approached with the chance to be PSU Men’s Rugby Assistant Coach by Justin Hundely, the university’s Head Coach for Men’s Rugby. “I was so excited, I jumped at the chance. Justin Hundley is a friend of mine and former teammate and I knew that he was building a very good Rugby program,” Trouville explained. “I was very interested in helping in any way possible.”

Trouville’s assistance is based on both the Defense and the Forwards, and in both departments he finds that the foundation is already there.

“I'm so impressed with what Hundely is building. It takes time to change a culture and implement a High Performance environment and he's done it rather quickly,” Trouville noted. “Also, there's a great group of players both in talent and attitudes, who are 'buying in' to the process and will have bright futures.”

Trouville’s journey with Rugby is a long one — 27 years and counting. His experiences took him to the 2015 World Cup and now has him playing as a SaberCat in the new Major League Rugby competition.

Ever since Trouville accepted his position as Assistant Coach, he narrowed down one goal specifically he hopes to help the team accomplish.

“After spending time on campus and seeing the amazing facilities, my long term goal would be to see the program receive Varsity status,” he said. “Rugby is the only sporting program that isn't Varsity at Penn State and if this was achieved, I don't think it would be long before you'd see the Nittony Lions competing for a National Championship. The program is so close already.”

The reason for that, Trouville believes, is the High Performance environment stimulated by Hundley. He wishes for the environment to continue inspiring athletes to do their best and hopes to help push that inspiration using his past experiences.

“I'm very grateful to be able to pass on things I've learned throughout my career to the young players and that's what I love about Rugby,” Trouville said, sincerely. “It's a game that organically promotes 'giving back' as it's given us so much.”

The best advice Trouville could give to all atheletes is this:

“To be successful you have to be a 24hr athlete. Your lifestyle has to reflect the way you want to perform, including taking care of your academics, relationships, how you treat your body, what you eat and drink, having a growth mindset, etc.,” Trouville said. “When it comes to practice, focus on executing the simple things.”