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Penn State Rugby Alumni Club Undergoes Reorganization

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At the 2018 Reunion Weekend in August, the Alumni Board announced the reorganization of the Alumni Club into a Booster Club in an effort to maximize our resources. We also announced the formation of a new organization, the Penn State Rugby Foundation, which will have the goal of raising enough money to guarantee an elite program on campus forever.

Traditionally, the Penn State Rugby Alumni Club has functioned as the organizational and financial supporter of the Teams.  For the past 25 years the Alumni Club has run events, provided updates on the teams, worked with the University, stocked and sold merchandise, networked, and provided financial support to the Teams.  Last fiscal year was one of the most successful we can remember with the Alumni Club working with parents and alumni to raise over $100,000 to support coaching, travel, and other needs.

The Penn State Rugby Program has always been fortunate to have so many of our players’ parents providing fundraising and logistical assistance to the Alumni Club. In more recent years the Alumni Club has worked to strengthen its relationship with the parents by reaching out to them directly and with the change in the designation of “Alumni Weekend” to “Friends & Family Weekend.” Due to the increased number of parents who are interested in providing meaningful and regular support to the program, the Alumni Club decided to transition to a Booster Club structure that would enable parents and other friends of the program to take on more formal roles. Alumni will not see much change in terms of the operation of the Booster Club.  You will still receive updates. Events will still be run, and the Lost Lions will work to connect alumni from different generations.  However with the additional support of the parent network we will be able to enhance the game day experience, add additional fundraising support, and provide more networking opportunities to help you connect to the current team.

The Alumni Club has discussed creating a foundation over the last few years but the necessity of it has become even more apparent due to the University’s refusal to disclose any information regarding its long-term plans for the Rugby Program.  In fact, we have been encouraged by Athletic Department employees to start a long-term fundraising campaign to demonstrate to the University that the Alumni, Parents, and Friends of the program are able to make a significant contribution. The Penn State Rugby Foundation will be the vehicle for that long-term fundraising campaign.

We have identified 11 “Founding Members” who have each committed to a $5,000/year donation or fundraising goal for the first 2 years of the Foundation.  The commitment from the Founding Members will fund the Foundation’s operations, including the hiring of an executive director with experience in running fundraising campaigns of this nature.  The Foundation’s goal is to start with 20 founding members, so if you would like to be part of this important moment in Penn State Rugby history please email Pete Steinberg (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).  We would like our founding members to be in place by the end of the year. Thank you for your consideration and please reach out to Pete with any questions.