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Greg “Wombat” Gooch


Greg played for the Men’s Team in the 1990s. He is a relationship manager for First Republic Bank in
New York City. He has always been an avid supporter of both the Men’s and Women’s Teams including
being a water boy during the playoffs in California in 2007 for both teams.


Brandon Zlupko

Treasurer for the Penn State University Rugby Alumni Board

Juniata College Graduation Year: 2000

Primary Position: President of the Juniata River Rats Club

“I moved to State College in 2013 and started playing for the Happy Valley Barbarians,” Zlupko said. “I am also a CPA and Partner at Baker Tilly Virchow Krause LLP.”

Zlupko has been the treasurer for the board since 2014.

“I want to live in a community that offers rugby for students and adults. To me, it promotes alternatives, diversity and a global perspective,” Zlupko said. “I’m happy to offer my time, talent and treasure to nurture a great community and social network.”


Kristen Miller

Vice President of the Penn State University Alumni Board

Penn State University Graduation Year: 2009

Primary Position: Hooker

Miller has served several positions during her time on the board, including Secretary, Communications Chairperson and now Vice President.

“My main role is to work with Affinity Connection on our website and communications to keep our Penn State Rugby family updated and connected with one another as well as with the current teams,” Miller said.

Miller wants to give back to the program that has given her so much over the years.

“I was able to have an amazing experience because of the people who gave their time while I was at Penn State,” she explained. “Donating my time is a small way to say thank you.”

Miller feels that with every position she served and every year that she spends as a part of the board, her knowledge and experience progresses.

“I believe my knowledge and understanding of board and university dynamics has also improved greatly,” she said. “Being on the board has been a challenge, but one [that has been of] great benefit to me.”


Kellie Vetter

Secretary for the Penn State University Rugby Alumni Board

Penn State University Graduation Year: 2014

Primary Position: Flanker

“After graduating, I knew I wanted to stay involved with the team that shaped who I am as a player, teammate, and leader,” Vetter said. “I never played rugby before college, but once I joined I realized that the Penn State Rugby team is a family that lasts forever.”

Vetter still plays for the Philadelphia Women's Rugby Club and loves being a part of the alumni board.

“It is my goal to help PSU Rugby alumni stay connected to their teammates long after graduation,” she said. “And to encourage alumni to help support the current players to give them the same great experience they had as a player.”


Tim Ryland

Board Member for the Penn State University Rugby Alumni Board

Penn State Graduation Year: 2006

Primary Position: Center

“I grew up in the Penn State Rugby community,” Ryland said. “Days after being born, I was at the pitch.”

Ryland would sew jerseys together as well as wash and fold both bloody and muddy jerseys growing up.

“It only seemed fitting to have a Ryland involved in the progression of the program,” he explained. “I have witnessed the evolution of the program from waterboy to player to fan for nearly 35 years.”

Ryland feels a connection to Penn State Rugby — the two have a bond to last a lifetime.

“I hope to contribute to the success on and off the field,” Ryland said. “For at least another 35 years.”


Matt Boccuti

Focuses on high school outreach for the Penn State University Rugby Alumni Board

Penn State University Graduation Year: 2010

Primary Position: Flanker

Boccuti says he could not imagine donating his time anywhere else.

“The team has given me so much,” he said. “I want to make sure the current players are being supported and can continue [to contribute to] this great community.”


Peter Steinberg

Focuses on fundraising processes and recruiting networks for the Penn State University Rugby Alumni Board

Graduate School: 1994-1997

Primary Position: Coach

Peter Steinberg is no stranger to the alumni board— he has been on the board various times, including as a previous president.

“Now I am the grumpy old man of the board,” Steinberg said, exclaiming. “I have the institutional knowledge of what we have done in the past and what has worked and not worked.”

Steinberg holds the board in a special place in his heart, no matter where his journey takes him.

“My life can be crazy, but when I have time, I support the board in the fundraising processes and plan to help Justin and Kate build a national recruiting network,” he said.

Steinberg donates his time and efforts as he is a firm believer that the alumni board subsists on alumni donations.

“It used to be Fraser guilting the alumni to support the teams that I was involved in, so I hear his voice in my ear every year,” Steinberg revealed. “The competitive landscape is changing and without the financial support of the Alumni Club, the teams would not have the resources they need to compete.”


Tim Antoian

Board Member for the Penn State University Rugby Alumni Board

Penn State University Graduation Year: 2008

Primary Positions: Wing, Fullback and Scrumhalf

“I love Penn State, Penn State Rugby and Rugby as a whole,” Antoian said. “I want to give back to a program and sport that gave so much to me.”

Antoian loved playing the sport for the blue and white glory, but has a wish for all the present and incoming players.

“Penn State Rugby helped to mold me into who i am,” he said. “I hope that the current and future PSU ruggers can get the same, if not better, experience.


Brian Mellody

Graduation Year: 2012

Position: Second Row

Role on Board: Assist with fundraising strategy

Reason for donating my time this way: This program was my college experience, and granted me the opportunity to make lifelong friends both on and off the field. Joining the board felt like the best way to give back to a group that gave me so much, and to help play a part in elevating the program to the next level.