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A Big Thank You from the Alumni Club Board of Directors!

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T​his past fiscal year, the Alumni Club Board of Directors set a fundraising goal of $78,000​ as an average of what is needed to support the teams​. This money is vital to the Penn State Rugby P​rogram. The Alumni Club uses the vast majority of the money it raises to fund the operations of the teams, including paying the head coaches' salaries and team travel costs. $78,000 is the minimum amount the Alumni Club must raise in order to provide this support and meet the financial commitment it made to the University in order to create the head coach positions. This year, with the help of all of our generous donors, including our alumni, parents and friends, we met our goal, raising over $83,000.

This is an amazing accomplishment, especially since we raised less than $35,000 during our last fiscal year. It must be noted that most of the funds were raised in the wake of the Men's team's historic and thrilling victory over BYU (#walkoffmaul), during a flash fundraiser in which many of you enthusiastically participated.

​Raising this amount of money in such a short period of time is just one of the many ways in which the Penn State Rugby Family is exceptional. The players, coaches and Alumni Club thank you for your continued financial support.

Up until that match, we had raised about $39,000. During the weeks following the win, we raised more than $40,000. 

Though we can hope that our Men's and Women's teams will accomplish amazing feats every season (they often do!), the financial health of the program cannot depend on such, as the Alumni Club must raise at least the above amount year-in and year-out, whether the teams have up or down seasons. Frankly, to provide the program with the resources it truly needs to compete with the likes of Life University, Cal and Lindenwood, the Alumni Club needs to raise much more than $78,000 per year.

As it stands, our head coaches Justin Hundley and Kate Daley are forced to find ways to compete with these varsity, scholarship-laden programs without paid assistant coaches, a budget for recruiting and many other resources enjoyed by PSU Rugby's competitors. Just imagine what they could accomplish with more resources!

The Alumni Club will be working hard to provide the additional resources the teams need to take the next step and is confident knowing that it has the strongest foundation of alumni, parents and friends in the country!