Team History

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Founded in 1962, Penn State Rugby is one of the most successful collegiate rugby programs in the United States, consistently fielding teams that compete for the National Championship.

The Penn State Rugby program is classified by the University as a Team Sport rather than a Club Sport as is found with most collegiate rugby programs, and as such is located in Penn State’s Intercollegiate Athletics Department. With benefits that include paid coaching and administration staffs, varsity health insurance, athletic trainers at all rugby events, varsity weight room and strength and conditioning coaches, direct medical referrals to PSU team doctors for evaluation, treatment, and rehabilitation, admissions support, and an academic support program, the team gets as much University support as any rugby program in the country–including “varsity” programs.

Penn State Rugby is an organization that combines both of our highly successful teams, a dedicated University and administrative staff, and an alumni organization and network that is over 1600 members strong, into one singular program dedicated to being a flagship in U.S. collegiate rugby.