Meet Women's Forward Kristina Perry

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Meet Women's Forward Kristina PerryKristina Perry began playing rugby out of pure spontaneity during her junior year of high school.


"I needed to become more involved in extracurriculars before applying to college, so my best friend and I decided to join rugby," she says. "I attended my first practice not having a clue about what rugby was, but within a few months, I realized it was something I truly loved."


Perry notes rugby's openness and inclusiveness as two of her favorite aspects about the sport, as well as rugby's intensity and physicality. She says her love for the game only continues to grow.


"Rugby as a sport has given me confidence, but Penn State Rugby has given me so much more," she says.


"Being an out-of-state student that wasn’t from a rural area, attending Penn State was a culture shock. Penn State rugby provided me with a sense of family and security that I am so grateful that I had to rely on during my college academic career."


After Penn State, Perry plans on pursuing a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and working with at-risk youth. "I hope to be able to spread rugby to other communities and provide young kids with the same outlet and sense of family that rugby has provided me."