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Successful Weekend for the Women's Team - 9/16/17

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This past Saturday in Happy Valley, the PSU Women took on NIRA’s (National Intercollegiate Rugby Association) American International College (AIC) and then Big 10 opponent University of Michigan and walked away with two wins, improving their record from 0-1 to 2-1.

Back to a full roster after tryouts, PSU bounced back from their loss vs Dartmouth beating AIC 66-10.  Tries were scored by Tess Feury, Kayla Canett, Gabby Cantorna, Fran Schaefer, Corinne Heavner, Gianna Solomon, and Azniv Nalbandian. Kayla Canett also added a little flare to the game by hitting a drop goal late in the 2nd half off a stolen scrum.

After a short break, the women took the field against Michigan with 4 brand new rugby players, Claudia Norton, Emily Rowan, Celeste Good (Freshmen) and Megan Bridges (Junior) and 4 freshmen with High School experience, Joanna Suarez, Zhayer Legrand, Kelsie Contreras and Ali Wicks in the starting line up.  With a big focus on attacking kicks ,the game saw tries by Claudia Norton, Gabby Cantorna, Sophie Pyrz, Alex Weisser, Celeste Good, Katie O’Hare, Kelsie Contreras, Emily Rowan, Kayla Canett, Ali Wicks, and Amanda Kulijopf.  Not to be outdone, Gabby Cantorna also executed a picture-perfect drop goal late in the first half.

Roster vs. AIC (AIC traveled with only 14 players)

  1. Kaiser, Corina
  2. Sayer, Katie
  3. Nalbandian, Az
  4. Schaefer, Fran
  5. Barnic, Rhyan
  6. Bridges, Megan
  7. McCormick, Madison
  8. Carly, Maggie
  9. Waters, Carly
  10. Cantorna, Gabby
  11. Solomon, Gianna (Bill)
  12. Heavner, Corinne
  13. McMeehan, Mindy
  14. Feury, Tess 

Subs: Kayla Canett, Brit Tompkins, Sophie Pyrz

Roster vs. Michigan

  1. Garnett, Kira
  2. Contreras, Kelsie
  3. Richter, Whitney
  4. Weisser, Alexis
  5. Bridges, Megan
  6. Legrand, Zehayer
  7. O'Hare, Katie
  8. Wicks, Ali
  9. Suarez, Joanna
  10. Cantorna, Gabby
  11. Heavner, Corinne
  12. Norton, Claudia
  13. Good, Celeste
  14. Rowan, Emily
  15. Pyrz, Sophie 

Subs: Kayla Canett, Brit Tompkins, Amanda Kulijopf

The two dominant wins provided a great prelude for the team being recognized for their 12th National Championship and 6th in a row at the Penn State vs Georgia State football game .