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Buy New PSU Rugby Merchandise - for Limited Time Only!

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For a limited time only!

PSU Rugby has teamed up with Kelly's Sports for different merchandise options. The items on the website will be the kit worn by the team this year and money from each purchase will go towards supporting the teams.

Please visit the online store here.

You will only be able to order these items until June 1, 2015.

Please Note: Orders will take several weeks to fill as the items are made to order. The individual orders will not be closed until after the entire "store" closes and will take a month or so beyond that to receive the items. The time until each "store" closes is listed in the top right corner of the website. For example, if an order is placed 1/29, it will not be processed until the store closes on 2/19, meaning you will likely not receive the items until a month after that (3/19).