Penn State Rugby began in the fall of 1962 when New Zealand grad student, Ivan Jackson and young research associate, Pat Denny from England met and were upset about the lack of any sort of team field at PSU. Through personal contacts and a notice in the Hetzel Union building, 20 - 30 players showed up for the first practice on a field by the White Golf Course.

The first game was played on October 13, 1962 - a home match against Villanova. PSU lost 35 - 3, but improved rapidly to win the next game against St. Joseph's and completed their season with 2 wins and 3 losses.

Penn State Rugby has grown by leaps and bounds in roster, pride, athleticism and standing since 1962, but never forgetting the humble beginnings of the team and the vision of the influential men and women that have lead the team through out its history.